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  1. ·Asthma Treament and Managment

  2. ·Allergy treatment by using Sublingual drops (SLIT) and Subcutaneous Injections(SCIT)

  3. ·Sinus Allergy treatment using Flexible Rhino laryngoscopy for cough and Vocal Cords problems 

  4. ·Insect Allergy, Bee Sting, Fire Ant, Wasp Allergy; Diagnosis and Treatment

  5. ·Allergic Rhinitis

  6. ·Allergic Conjunctivitis or Eye Allergy

  7. ·Allergy Injections aka Allergy Shots

  8. ·Oral Allergy Drops aka Sublingual Immunotherapy / SLIT

  9. ·Wheezing, Chronic Cough, Recurrent Bronchitis

  10. ·Chronic Bronchitis

  11. ·COPD

  12. ·Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease

  13. ·Hay fever

  14. ·Post Nasal Drip (Also called “SINUS” or “Sinus Drainage”)

  15. ·Chronic Sinusitis

  16. ·Recurrent Sinusitis

  17. ·Food Allergies… Peanut Allergy, Nut Allergy or 

  18. ·Drug Allergy

  19. ·Local Anesthetic Allergy

  20. ·Penicillin Allergy

  21. ·Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR) Vaccine Allergy

  22. ·Flu Shot (Influenza Vaccine) Allergy

  23. ·Skin Allergies: Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis, Hives, Urticaria, Angioedema

  24. ·Contact Dermatitis, Patch Testing, Contact Allergy

  25. ·Cosmetic Allergy, Acrylic Allergy, Fragrance Allergy

  26. ·Nickel Allergy

  27. ·Dental Implants, Dental Materials & Oral Allergy.

  28. ·Orthopedic Joint Implant Metal Allergy; Bone Cement Allergy

  29. ·Respiratory Allergies

  30. ·Indoor Allergies

  31. ·Outdoor Allergies

  32. ·Gastrointestinal Allergies, including Eosinophilia Esophagitis, Celiac Disease

  33. ·Recurrent Infections

  34. ·Immune Deficiency Disorders, Primary and Secondary, IgA deficiency, MBL Deficiency

  35. ·Botox Injections for Headache. Nerve pain, back pain

  36. ·Behavior disorders etc ADHD, ADD

  37. ·Epilepsy, Stroke treatment and follow up, Dystonia,

  38. ·Memory and movement issue, restless leg syndrome

  39. ·EEG and Nerve Conduction studies, Neuropathy

procedure we perform 

Our Allergist, Immunologist, and Neurologist perform several Procedure


  • Allergy Skin Testing

  • Food allergy testing

  • Medication oral challenge

  • Insect venom testing

  • Pulmonary function

  • Administration of Immunotherapy

  • Food oral challenge

  • Penicillin challenge

  • Flexible Rhinolaryngoscopy

  • Bronchial Provocation Testing

  • Botox Injections

  • Skin Biopsy

  • Vaccine administration

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